Young Once

I had a conversation with some of my best girls on the forth on how we're only young once.  We all laughed as we were getting ready feeling like our outfits were a bit "riskier" than normal.  But we felt beautiful and you could tell in our demeanors.  If I'm honest, I feel vulnerable wearing tight clothes and I know that's the case for a lot of us. We question the back of our thighs, if we have any cellulite, "is that back fat?" "Am I bloated?" AGH! YOU GUYS! Our bodies are beautiful and we should love every curve and imperfection. I, personally, don't want to look back on my 20's and feel like I dressed and lived insecure.  If we could only see through the lens that other's do, we would probably feel wildly beautiful.  We are our worst judge. Be risky today, cause you're a babe. 


(Wardrobe Links Below)

Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply for Urban Outfitters

Flannel: Forever 21

Shoes: New Balance

Hat: Dues Ex Machina

Hair by Tiana Trotz at Craft Hair Co.

Photography by Seiji Inouye