Confidence xx


I have a lot of deep thoughts I could share but to be honest?  All I want to say is the more fun you have with your style, the more confident you become.  People are attracted to confidence.  Whether it be in relationships, in business or in performance. The most beautiful people to me are the ones who carry themselves with confidence. So wear your hair different today, try and wear a color you’ve always wanted to, paint your nails the color that makes you happy (not what’s in). That’s it.  Deep thoughts with Gabi today.  Be the best you ‘cause you’re really special : )

Tank from Urban Outfitters:

Skirt from Urban Outfitters: They sold out of it!!!  But here's one like it!

Gold bracelet from Whites Mercantile:

Hair + Makeup + Wardrobe: Gabi DiPace

Photography by Seiji Inouye