"Glitter Covers a Multitude of Sins"

WOW, wow, wow.  Being a makeup artist, a wardrobe stylist and an art director I rarely get to play and design photoshoots exactly the way I see them in my head.  Thanks to David O'Donohue for being the actual best person for helping bring my over the top glossy glittered dreams to life with this photoshoot. And a massive thanks to my two Jenna's (yes, both their names are Jenna and I love it) for modeling.  Serious dream team. 

If I could get you inside my head and show you what elates my creative mind, it'd probably look a lot like this. Hope you enjoy. Xx

Hair + Makeup + Wardrobe + Art Direction by Gabi DiPace

Photography by David O'Donohue

Models Jenna Farro + Jenna Lee