Do You

I have been traveling a lot over the past 3 weeks. I was down in Miami last week and I started to fall in love with pretty much every person there.  Fashion wasn't a conformity thing, it was a self expression thing. Each person was so different with their fashion, hair, makeup, vibe... AGH. I just left there so inspired.  I think all too often we try to follow exactly what we see on Instagram but gosh, honestly the more different each person was from the other, the more attracted I was to their style. 

I saw this girl walk in to a coffee shop the other day with a flowery summer dress and a flower crown... I have to be raw for second, I had the thought, "that's so dated & out rn" (shame on me!) I quickly caught myself and took another look at her. She took time to get ready that day. She woke up that morning, looked in the mirror, put her makeup on, her prettiest dress on and topped it off with a flower crown and she looked GORGEOUS.  And you could tell she felt it in the way she carried herself.  

Isn't that all that matters anyway?  Feeling beautiful? I've personally been carrying around a bright metallic pink purse just because it makes me happy.  It's totally not "in" but honestly?  WHO cares.  I like it. 

Whatever you do today, promise me one thing.... Be you.  Dress like you.  Do your hair like you. Dance like you.  Talk like you.

Cause there's only one of you and it'd be such a shame if the world never saw it Xx



Hair by Tiana Trotz at Craft Hair Co.

Photography by Seiji Inouye