What is BRKR + WLF?

To me it’s my new concept of beauty.  I feel like beauty has become such a “square peg, round hole” idea in our society.  Thigh gap, perfect teeth, perfect skin, 16 year old body #goals.  I don’t love makeup and fashion just because I love those things, I mean I do, but not as much as I love seeing people come alive.  Seeing them feel beautiful. Seeing them wear clothes that flatter their amazing bodies and wear makeup that doesn’t hide them but enhances their perfectly beautiful features.  

Being an artist myself, I’m in front of the camera pretty often. And it gets hard seeing my flaws, likeeeeee having the ability to double tap zoom up on my face and see that zit I didn’t cover up well from a photo or video shoot and now it’s gonna go up on YouTube. (Sweet.)  You know you’ve done that.  I, like every girl, have a million things I wish I could change.  For instance, I have a massive struggle with my skin, AND I’M A MAKEUP ARTIST!  I have scars that I wish weren’t there and my teeth could be straighter, and I’ve prayed since I was 15 for my boobs to get bigger (still praying, not giving up).  But this is who I am today.  And I’m wildly beautiful with all my scars and all.  And so are you.  So BRKR + WLF is my launching pad to create and re-establish what beauty is for me and for you. 

So stay tuned for more wardrobe, makeup, hair and ramblings on the blog. Trying to inspire you to feel as pretty as you are, you babe you.