Confidence 02

I'm visiting my hometown this week and went to a show. I dressed how I’d normally dress. I was in a long grey dress with heeled black booties (actually the ones pictured in this look) and the commentary on my outfit took up a lot of my conversations.  It was kinda hilarious!  “You’re SO 'Nashville'.”  “Oh my gosh, what is happening right now with your outfit.” "Woooow, look at you!" The list goes on. I'm no social guru but I'm like 99% sure their comments were meant to keep me low.  I was different and I choose to dress the way I love to and put time into my look. I think this made people uncomfortable so they made fun.  I'm pretty sure the reality is (to put it bluntly) they were insecure because I was not the same.  When we're insecure we try to project what we're feeling to make other's insecure in themselves so that we're all in this low place together. (YUCK.)  I have to say, something about their perceived criticism that night only made me more self-assured.  I'm passionate about individualism ~ expressing yourself through fashion, hair, makeup, music, or art are just some ways we can be set apart yet express who we are.  It's the tale as old as time.  Unhealthy and insecure people do NOT know how to celebrate another's originality. 

Typically when we're confident or different, people get confused and intimidated. But my goal is to change that. I want to see people inspired by individualism and I want to become a catalyst of positive influence apart from manipulation and I want to celebrate instead of belittle.

Because here we have this culture actually thinking something is cute or great or exciting but out of our own insecurities we dog it. We make fun of it. We shame it.  Or it could be someone’s success, finical increase, fame... whatever the "it" is when it's better or shinier or different than us, we're not sure how to respond. Well? Let's take a healthy challenge this week and respond with celebration.  Life is too dang short to be cynical and unkind. We're all different and those differences should be celebrated you guys. In the past I've totally been the one dogging things or people before due to my own insecurities or lack of confidence in who I was and I GOTTA tell ya, life is way more beautiful on this side of things.  



(Side note, this look is one of my favorites.  SUPER comfy and still very much in style. Boyfriend jeans don't flatter everyone (I've learned the hard way on myself!) but when you throw them on with a mid length looser tee or a tee tucked in and some heels they do ; ) )

Camo Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Boyfriend Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: H & M
Hair by Tiana Trotz at Craft Hair Co.
Photography by Seiji Inouye