"Glitter Covers a Multitude of Sins"

WOW, wow, wow.  Being a makeup artist, a wardrobe stylist and an art director I rarely get to play and design photoshoots exactly the way I see them in my head.  Thanks to David O'Donohue for being the actual best person for helping bring my over the top glossy glittered dreams to life with this photoshoot. And a massive thanks to my two Jenna's (yes, both their names are Jenna and I love it) for modeling.  Serious dream team. 

If I could get you inside my head and show you what elates my creative mind, it'd probably look a lot like this. Hope you enjoy. Xx

Hair + Makeup + Wardrobe + Art Direction by Gabi DiPace

Photography by David O'Donohue

Models Jenna Farro + Jenna Lee

Confidence 02

I'm visiting my hometown this week and went to a show. I dressed how I’d normally dress. I was in a long grey dress with heeled black booties (actually the ones pictured in this look) and the commentary on my outfit took up a lot of my conversations.  It was kinda hilarious!  “You’re SO 'Nashville'.”  “Oh my gosh, what is happening right now with your outfit.” "Woooow, look at you!" The list goes on. I'm no social guru but I'm like 99% sure their comments were meant to keep me low.  I was different and I choose to dress the way I love to and put time into my look. I think this made people uncomfortable so they made fun.  I'm pretty sure the reality is (to put it bluntly) they were insecure because I was not the same.  When we're insecure we try to project what we're feeling to make other's insecure in themselves so that we're all in this low place together. (YUCK.)  I have to say, something about their perceived criticism that night only made me more self-assured.  I'm passionate about individualism ~ expressing yourself through fashion, hair, makeup, music, or art are just some ways we can be set apart yet express who we are.  It's the tale as old as time.  Unhealthy and insecure people do NOT know how to celebrate another's originality. 

Typically when we're confident or different, people get confused and intimidated. But my goal is to change that. I want to see people inspired by individualism and I want to become a catalyst of positive influence apart from manipulation and I want to celebrate instead of belittle.

Because here we have this culture actually thinking something is cute or great or exciting but out of our own insecurities we dog it. We make fun of it. We shame it.  Or it could be someone’s success, finical increase, fame... whatever the "it" is when it's better or shinier or different than us, we're not sure how to respond. Well? Let's take a healthy challenge this week and respond with celebration.  Life is too dang short to be cynical and unkind. We're all different and those differences should be celebrated you guys. In the past I've totally been the one dogging things or people before due to my own insecurities or lack of confidence in who I was and I GOTTA tell ya, life is way more beautiful on this side of things.  



(Side note, this look is one of my favorites.  SUPER comfy and still very much in style. Boyfriend jeans don't flatter everyone (I've learned the hard way on myself!) but when you throw them on with a mid length looser tee or a tee tucked in and some heels they do ; ) )

Camo Shirt: Urban Outfitters goo.gl/iPdoYm
Boyfriend Jeans: Urban Outfitters goo.gl/AMznJY
Shoes: H & M goo.gl/2vXNhN
Hair by Tiana Trotz at Craft Hair Co. http://www.crafthairco.com/
Photography by Seiji Inouye www.seijiinouye.com


Confidence xx


I have a lot of deep thoughts I could share but to be honest?  All I want to say is the more fun you have with your style, the more confident you become.  People are attracted to confidence.  Whether it be in relationships, in business or in performance. The most beautiful people to me are the ones who carry themselves with confidence. So wear your hair different today, try and wear a color you’ve always wanted to, paint your nails the color that makes you happy (not what’s in). That’s it.  Deep thoughts with Gabi today.  Be the best you ‘cause you’re really special : )

Tank from Urban Outfitters: https://goo.gl/4ivxvU

Skirt from Urban Outfitters: They sold out of it!!!  But here's one like it! https://goo.gl/Mk5hkA

Gold bracelet from Whites Mercantile: Whitesmercantile.com

Hair + Makeup + Wardrobe: Gabi DiPace

Photography by Seiji Inouye www.seijiinouye.com


Do You

I have been traveling a lot over the past 3 weeks. I was down in Miami last week and I started to fall in love with pretty much every person there.  Fashion wasn't a conformity thing, it was a self expression thing. Each person was so different with their fashion, hair, makeup, vibe... AGH. I just left there so inspired.  I think all too often we try to follow exactly what we see on Instagram but gosh, honestly the more different each person was from the other, the more attracted I was to their style. 

I saw this girl walk in to a coffee shop the other day with a flowery summer dress and a flower crown... I have to be raw for second, I had the thought, "that's so dated & out rn" (shame on me!) I quickly caught myself and took another look at her. She took time to get ready that day. She woke up that morning, looked in the mirror, put her makeup on, her prettiest dress on and topped it off with a flower crown and she looked GORGEOUS.  And you could tell she felt it in the way she carried herself.  

Isn't that all that matters anyway?  Feeling beautiful? I've personally been carrying around a bright metallic pink purse just because it makes me happy.  It's totally not "in" but honestly?  WHO cares.  I like it. 

Whatever you do today, promise me one thing.... Be you.  Dress like you.  Do your hair like you. Dance like you.  Talk like you.

Cause there's only one of you and it'd be such a shame if the world never saw it Xx

Shirt http://goo.gl/Vc421K

Jeans http://goo.gl/IGVCo1

Hair by Tiana Trotz at Craft Hair Co. http://www.crafthairco.com/

Photography by Seiji Inouye www.seijiinouye.com

Young Once

I had a conversation with some of my best girls on the forth on how we're only young once.  We all laughed as we were getting ready feeling like our outfits were a bit "riskier" than normal.  But we felt beautiful and you could tell in our demeanors.  If I'm honest, I feel vulnerable wearing tight clothes and I know that's the case for a lot of us. We question the back of our thighs, if we have any cellulite, "is that back fat?" "Am I bloated?" AGH! YOU GUYS! Our bodies are beautiful and we should love every curve and imperfection. I, personally, don't want to look back on my 20's and feel like I dressed and lived insecure.  If we could only see through the lens that other's do, we would probably feel wildly beautiful.  We are our worst judge. Be risky today, cause you're a babe. 


(Wardrobe Links Below)

Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply for Urban Outfitters

Flannel: Forever 21  http://goo.gl/69zj4M

Shoes: New Balance http://goo.gl/Wo7PSe

Hat: Dues Ex Machina  http://goo.gl/5CstFK

Hair by Tiana Trotz at Craft Hair Co. http://www.crafthairco.com/

Photography by Seiji Inouye www.seijiinouye.com


This is the beginning of my BRKR Series.  This will include some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe for summer.  I'll be doing 6 different posts with 6 different looks.  Hope it inspires you to fancy up your wardrobe for summer, 'cause you deserve to look like a babe!  

This first look is my new favorite dress by Groceries in Venice, CA paired with these gorgeous free people clog heels. Groceries apparel is all organic, which I LOVE. Their clothing contains no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, gmo's and no toxic fertilization. Just a fun fact!

(  Wardrobe Links Below )


What is BRKR + WLF?

To me it’s my new concept of beauty.  I feel like beauty has become such a “square peg, round hole” idea in our society.  Thigh gap, perfect teeth, perfect skin, 16 year old body #goals.  I don’t love makeup and fashion just because I love those things, I mean I do, but not as much as I love seeing people come alive.  Seeing them feel beautiful. Seeing them wear clothes that flatter their amazing bodies and wear makeup that doesn’t hide them but enhances their perfectly beautiful features.  

Being an artist myself, I’m in front of the camera pretty often. And it gets hard seeing my flaws, likeeeeee having the ability to double tap zoom up on my face and see that zit I didn’t cover up well from a photo or video shoot and now it’s gonna go up on YouTube. (Sweet.)  You know you’ve done that.  I, like every girl, have a million things I wish I could change.  For instance, I have a massive struggle with my skin, AND I’M A MAKEUP ARTIST!  I have scars that I wish weren’t there and my teeth could be straighter, and I’ve prayed since I was 15 for my boobs to get bigger (still praying, not giving up).  But this is who I am today.  And I’m wildly beautiful with all my scars and all.  And so are you.  So BRKR + WLF is my launching pad to create and re-establish what beauty is for me and for you. 

So stay tuned for more wardrobe, makeup, hair and ramblings on the blog. Trying to inspire you to feel as pretty as you are, you babe you.